I'm aiming at an enterprise and the business partner who supports an advertising strategies of a corporation and a group through photography, advertisement and home page production in ICT PROMOTION.


Wedding and bridal photography business

I'll film important 1 day by certain skill and technology and I'll film the brides and grooms' important moment by a picture and a video. The edited live end roll is also making the wedding day.

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Enterprise, administration and school related photography

Promotion picture making such as the explanations of goods and advertising animations is being also performed including a concert and the picture record by which it's for store building celebration and an internal event.

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Television news report photography

I'll send information on an area to event information on an area, accident information, an annual event, a match of an autonomous body and seasonal information widely as a report cameraman.

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Home page production

Making of a home page which corresponds to a PC and smart phone CMS, etc.. The form and the standard site for which SNS was utilized are being produced.

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Shopping site EC site making

Making of a business site with the shopping precinct order histories and the member registration functions for enterprisers which would like to develop a real net shopping.

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Drawn aerial photography and photography introduction of machinery and materials

Picture photography from the sky where drawn was utilized is developed. A pilot familiar with an aerial way such as a promotion picture and commemorative photography from the sky will take charge of taking a picture.

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Advertisement making

Design print of a handbill and a flier, including newspaper folding and a change for tablets are manufacturing a bill of the various business categories in spite of the genre.

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Enterprise ICT and data server cloud introduction

I propose building of NAS in an enterprise and a corporation and a data server and building of a data sharing with a cloud and interoffice network.

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Area contribution sports promotion business

A soft tennis school for schoolchildren of Miyagi-ken Shibata-machi residence is managed. The place where children in an area can come into action vigorously through a sport is offered.

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Enterpriser introduction

The business outline

Company name ICT PROMOTION
Tokyo business establishment 5-6 Kudamminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Risona kudan building 5F,KS floor
宮城事業所 Ogawara-town & kakuda-city 
電話番号 050-3533-9920
FAX 050-3730-2004
代表者 Igarashi
事業開始 2009year,January
営業時間 10:00~19:00
定休日 Satday,Sunday,holidai etc.
訪問エリア The northeast, Kitakantou, Koshinetsu and metropolitan area, etc.


When coming to the store, please make a reservation beforehand.
Location 5-6 Kudamminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Risona kudan building 5F,KS floor
The business hours AM10:00〜PM7:00
TEL 050-3533-9920
Access method
  • There are no customer... contract parking lots you have crossed by car.
  • Customer... Kudanshita station you have crossed by train I advance number 6 towards Kudanshita intersection from an exit, Resona Bank 5F.
Parking lot There are no contract parking lots.
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